Seed Ladders


Protect your seed

Seeds need a gentle handling. Letting seed drop straight down from the loading spout increases the chances of "Splits" and reduced profits. Reducing profits isn't good business… installing a Jasper Equipment Ladder is. J.E.C. has been providing high quality, built-to-last, equipment to the feed and seed industry for over 40 years.  Jasper Equipment's Ladders offer gentle handling for all types of free-flowing grain, including but not limited to: corn, soybeans, rice, wheat, and more. With a high capacity unloading in a compact space and totally enclosed models for external applications J.E.C. is able to meet all the needs for your company.  J.E.C. offers a complete line of Ducted Center Mounted, Easy Down Side Wall Mounted, and Enclosed Let Down Ladders. Jasper Equipment's Ladder's can be installed in both flat bottom or hopper bottom bins. They can also be installed in the center of the bin or sidewalls depending on application, as well as offering Ladder's that can be used for grain piles. J.E.C. does offer the Wall Mounting Clips depending on application.  CAPACITY  600-20,000 BPH  Options Available: * Carbon Steel (Standard), * Stainless Steel, * AR Steel, * Custom Built Designs   Flighting's Available: * AR Steel, * 1/4" Urethane, * 1/8" Neoprene (Standard) Please feel free to contact us for your company's next requirement's.


Enclosed Easy Down

*Capacity 600 bph to 5,000 bph  *1/8" Neoprene Rubber lined flights  *Welded enclosed sides   *Heavy duty construction      Options:   *1/4" urethane on the flights  *AR Steel  *Stainless Steel  ​*Custom built designs


Ducted (center mounted)

Unlike conventional ladders, the ducted ladder has air cushion* baffles to minimize breakage of fragile materials beyond what was previously possible. Another feature of the ducted ladder is safety.  Because the discharge ducts are too small to permit entry of a human body, the danger of suffocation in flowing grain or other material is eliminated.

*Capacity 1,500 bph to 20,000 bph  *Unloading ducts  *1/8" Neoprene Rubber Lined flights  *Heavy Duty Construction     Options:   *1/4" urethane on the flights  *AR Steel  *Stainless Steel​  *Custom built designs


Easy Down Plain Side Mount Ladder

*Capacity 600 bph to 15,000 bph  *Self cleaning design  *1/8" Neoprene Rubber lined flights  *Heavy duty construction      Options:   *1/4" urethane on the flights  *AR Steel  *Stainless Steel​  ​*Wall mounting clips   *Custom built designs