Bag Conveying


Jasper V-Trough Conveyor

The Jasper V-Trough Bag Closing Conveyor is designed to help hold unstable bags through an upright position through a sewing head or heat sealer. Our 8FT standard V-Trough conveyor has a mild steel construction, with a manual adjustable conveyor height. The V-Trough conveyor has 7” wide belts. The standard speed of the V-Trough conveyor has a fixed belt speed of 35 FPM, but can also be set to fixed speeds of up to 55 FPM upon request.      ​​Standard Features:   *7" wide belts  *Adjustable conveyor heights   *Fixed belt speed 35-55 FPM   *8 FT long conveyor   *10 Gauge heavy duty construction​


Jasper Flat Belt Conveyor

Jasper Flat Belt bag closing conveyors are designed to transfer bags in an upright position through a sewing head, or heat sealer. Our standard conveyor is 8ft long. We can build up to 14ft in length. We use a 12" wide smooth top belt. Conveyor can be set up with a fixed belt speed of 35 FPM standad or can range up to 55 FPM upon request.


Belt Conveyor


COS Belt

Right Angle Gear box Drive

Single phase or Three phase

TEFC Motors


JEC 12 Bag Kicker

​The JEC 12 Bag Kicker is a horizontal, slider-bed, belt conveyor that automatically kicks the bags from an upright position, to a flat, bottom first position. The JEC 12 12” wide belt transfers the bag to a bag take away conveyor to the bag closing conveyor. It is capable for up to 24 bags a minute.      Standard Features:   *Gear motor drive   ​*Available in 3 phase or single phase electrics   *Adjustable to accommodate most sizes


Express Scale Model 2414 Incline Conveyor

The Express Scale Model 2414 is an incline, roller bed, power belt conveyor. The 10’ long x 24” wide Model 2414 incorporates a roller table to receive bags top-first from a bag-closing conveyor and then conveys the bags to a suitable height for manual palletizing.


Express Scale BT24 Bag Turner

The Express Scale Model BT24 Bag Turner is an inline, slider-bed conveyor that knocks down and turns upright, top-up bags to a flat, bottom-first position.